Sawicki Jewelry

Roseburg, Or

Some wear jewelry, we wear ART.

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Unique Art, For Unique People.

Sharon Sawicki Jewelry is all about exploring the copper, silver and stone to create unique pieces of art to wear, and teaching the fun of designing and fabricating your own jewelry.

Upcoming Classes 

Join us in learning to craft your very own unique jewelry. It's a fun learning experience with lots of opportunity to improve your skills! Great for beginners, or to add hammer texture to your jewelry designs!

Need to celebrate a special occasion? Book a class for friends, family or colleagues to celebrate.

Hand-Made Jewelry 

Buy a one of a kind made by Sharon Sawicki for yourself, a loved one, or anyone else that you can think of! Take a look in our gallery to learn more about these earrings, pendant/medallions, bracelets and rings. You have a variety of choices from "Little Somethings" to "Make a Statement."

Events & Trade Shows 

Visit Sharon at trade shows and events to enter to win prizes, gift cards, and jewelry. She will be demonstrating, so you can see how your jewelry is crafted. You'll also get exclusive discounts to jewelry making classes and gift cards by stopping by!

Jewelry Done Differently 

Sharon unleashes her creativity when crafting jewelry. Each piece is designed, hand crafted, and different than any other piece she's made before.

Take a look in our gallery to learn more about her jewelry.

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